Dream Team Television

Dream Team Television is one of the UK’s leading production companies specialising in multisport, adventure, athletics and motorsport programming.

The company has a worldwide reputation for producing the highest quality programmes in this field.



On the 23rd of July, the team will be taking to Wembley Stadium for the Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest London. 12000 competitors face a 10km course full of surprises that will test their endurance to the limit. Along the way they’ll take on hundreds of different obstacles, crawl through mud, ice and tunnels and finally face the challenges of the Wall of Fame and the Travellator.
On the 24th of July, the team will then be at the Outlaw Triathlon as it returns to Nottingham, a place famous for football, cricket and the legendary figure of Robin Hood. Over 1000 athletes add to the city’s sporting heritage as they strive to earn the title of “Outlaws” in the world’s toughest one day endurance challenge.

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